SWA Kata and Kickmaster 2024 Results

Well done to all the members who took part in our Kata and Kickmaster Championships on Sunday 14th May 2024 at Winchburgh Sport and Wellbeing Hub.

Here are some photos of the winners on the podium

Full results are listed below.

KM1 – Kickmaster 3-4 Years
Junior Grades
🥇 Lillie

KM2 – Kickmaster 5-6 Years
Junior Grades
🥇 Conall
🥈 Adam
🥉 Oscar
🥉 Victor

KM3 – Kickmaster 7-8 Years
Junior Grades
🥇 Leo
🥈 Jack
🥉 Alia
🥉 Jenson

KM4 – Kickmaster 9years+
Junior Grades
🥇 Rafaele
🥈 Connor
🥉 Alwin
🥉 Julia

KM5 – Kickmaster 7-9 years
Kyu Grades
🥇 Finlay
🥈 Vihaan
🥉 Kacper
🥉 Ryan

KM6 – Kickmaster 10 years+
Kyu Grades
🥇 Safia
🥈 Tara
🥉 Olivia
🥉 Lachlan

KA1 Half Kata 3-4 Years
🥇 Ella-Jane
🥈 Lillie

KA2 Half Kata 5-6 Years
🥇 Adam
🥈 Oscar
🥉 Victor
🥉 Ollie

KA3 Half Kata 7 Years+
🥇 Finlay
🥈 Jordan
🥉 Caleb
🥉 Anna Sofia

KA4 Kata Junior Grades 6-7 years
🥇 Conall
🥈 Max
🥉 Alvan
🥉 Christopher
🥉 Mark

KA5 Kata Junior Grades 8 years+

🥇 Connor
🥈 Rafaele
🥉 Jack
🥉 Casey

KA6 Kata Kids 9th-7th Kyu
🥇 Rueben
🥈 Kavi
🥉 Kaylah
🥉 Zoe

KA7 Kata Kids 6th-4th Kyu
🥇 Lachlan
🥈 Tara
🥉 Nikodem
🥉 Kacper

KA8 Kata Kids 3rd-1st Kyu
🥇 Ashley
🥈 Abhiram
🥉 Olivia
🥉 Safia

ASN Kata
🥇 Sophie
🥈 Kyle
🥉 Luke

AK1 Adult Kyu Grades
🥇 Stefania
🥈 Mark
🥉 Amy
🥉 Murray

AK2 Cadet/Junior Kata

AK3 Senior Dan Grade Kata
🥇 Andrew
🥈 Alain
🥉 Careth

AK4 Open Kata

North East Open March 2024

Well done to the Shuzoku members who took part in the North East Open in Peterlee on Sunday 24th March 2025.

Results as follows:

🥇Tom Gold Senior Male Wado Kata

🥉Andrew Bronze Senior Male Wado Kata

🥈Kyle Silver Para Kata

🥉Nicole Bronze Female Cadet Kata

🥉Andrew Bronze Male Veterans

🥉Tom/Andrew Bronze Senior Pairs Kata

North East Open March 2024

Scottish National Kata Championships 2024

Well done to all the Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association members who competed at the Scottish National Kata Championships on Sunday 18th February 2024.

1x🥇 Gold, 5x🥈Silver, 5x🥉Bronze.

🥇Gold – Ashley
🥈Silver – Tara
🥈Silver – Connor
🥈Silver – Safia
🥈Silver – Sakina
🥈Silver – Careth
🥉Bronze – Lachlan
🥉Bronze – Trissha
🥉Bronze – Nicole
🥉Bronze – Aaron
🥉Bronze – Amy

Scottish National Kata Championships
Dan Grading November 2023

Dan Grade Results 26th November 2023

Congratulations to the following members of Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association who were successful in passing the Dan Grading held on Sunday 26th November 2023. The examination panel was Colin Clapperton 8th Dan, Peter Rogers 7th Dan, Lisa Scott 6th Dan.

Results as follows:

Alain Azevedo1st Dan Azami
Stephen McLauchlan1st Dan Dalry
Sohpie Jones1st Dan Dalry
Kyle Schuller1st Dan Dalry
Murrin Taylor1st Dan Dalry
Adam Huish1st Dan Dalry
Dan Grading November 2023
North East Open

North East Open Results November 2023

Well done to the Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association members who took part in the North East Open Karate Championships in Peterlee on Sunday 12th November 2023. Results as follows:
Zoe – 🥈 Silver Kata
Aaron – 🥈 Silver Kata
Nicole – 🥈 Silver Kata
Mason – 🥈Silver Kumite
Tom – 🥉🥉 2x Bronze Kata
Andrew – 🥉 Bronze Kata
Adam – 🥉Bronze Kata
Connor – 🥉Bronze Kumite
Tom and Andrew – 🥉Bronze Kata Pairs
Adam, Calum and Mason – 🥉 Bronze Kumite Team
Well done to everyone who took part, thanks to all the coaches, parents and supporters.

North East Open
FEW Championships 2023

Federation of European Wado-Kai Championships 2023

Congratulations to Sophie Jones from Dalry Karate Group and Thomas Scott from Azami Karate Group who represented the Scotland Wado-Kai Karate Team at the Federation of European Wado-Kai Karate Championships in Belgium. Sophie took part in the show case para karate event and was awarded a Gold Medal. Sophie was selected as the flag bearer for the Scotland team and led them out at the opening ceremony. Thomas took part in the Senior Kata, Veterans Kata, Veterans -75kg Kumite and Veterans Kumite Team events. He won Gold in the Veterans Kumite -75kg event and Bronze in the Veterans Kumite Team event.

FEW Championships 2023

Scottish International Open Grand Prix Sept 2023

Well done to all the Shuzoku members who took part in the Scottish International Open Grand Prix at Ravenscraig on Sunday 24th September 2023.

🥈Silver – Sophie – Para Kata

🥉 Bronze – Kyle – Para Kata

🥈Silver – Zoe – Under 8 years kata

🥈Silver – Tom – Veterans Kumite

🥈Findlay – Boys Kumite

🥉Mason – 8-9 years kata

🥉Rafaelle – 10-11 years kata

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