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Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association (SWA) was established in 2021 to develop both traditional and sport Wado-Kai Karate in Scotland.

The name Shuzoku, roughly translated from Japanese to English means Family or Tribe (akin to the idea of a clan in Scotland).

The SWA is a member of the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB), the only recognised Governing Body for Karate in Scotland. All our instructors are SKGB Approved Coaches, fully insured and PVG checked.

Wado-Ryu Karate-Do

Style of the Way of Peace, the Way of the Empty Hand

Wado-Ryu karate was founded in 1934 by Hironori Otsuka and differs from other styles of karate that place emphasis on powerful and heavy techniques, by placing the emphasis on quick motion, evasive body movements and minimum necessary energy to defeat an opponent.

Wado-Ryu is in many ways akin to those martial arts such as Ju-Jutsu and Aikido, in which the opponent’s own momentum and bodyweight is utilised as self-defeating.  

Hironori Otsuka himself was a Ju-Jutsu expert prior to his development of the Wado-Ryu system of Karate-Do.  As such, in Wado-Ryu we can see many of the self-defence influences of this and other fraternal martial arts. 

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