Oaklands School Grading

Congratulations to the children from Oaklands School who have passed their first karate grading with Dalry Karate Group. Instructors Andrew and Louise Elliott have significant experience of teaching karate to children with disabilities and additional support needs. The children have been working very hard and were all delighted to receive the grade of junior yellow belt.

Dan Grade Results 27th March 2022

Congratulations to the following members of Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association who were successful in passing the Dan Grading held on Sunday 27th March 2022. The examination panel was Colin Clapperton 8th Dan, Peter Rogers 7th Dan, Lisa Scott 6th Dan.

Results as follows:

Lindy Knight 1st Dan Dalry
Careth Pellegrini 1st Dan Dalry
Joseph Argane 1st Dan Dalry
Sakina Chalal 1st Dan Azami
Jack McCallum 1st Dan Azami
Kevin Tierney 2nd Dan Azami
Dan Grading MArch 2022