Dan Gradings

Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association is excited to announce the 2024 Dan Grade Syllabus.

For more information please contact Peter Rogers 7th Dan – Dan Grade Secretary dangrade@wado.scot
To apply for Dan Grading please complete the application form below at least 21 days prior to the Dan Grading.

Date: 25th May 2024
Venue: Winchburgh Sports Hub
Time: 3.30pm
Provisional Date:
17th Nov 2024
Venue: Honbu Dojo, Dunfermline
Time: 12.30pm
Syllabus: 2024 Dan Grade Syllabus
Panel: Colin Clapperton 8th Dan, Peter Rogers 7th Dan, Lisa Scott 6th Dan.

Photo by Camera Eye Photography (cc-by.20)

Criteria for Dan Gradings
(1st – 3rd Dan)

  • Up-to-date Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association Licence
  • Application approved by instructor (and passed a pre-dan Grade Assessments if under 16).
  • Application submitted at least 21 days prior to the grading
  • Held the previous grade for the recommended length of time and met the minimum age
    • 1st Dan Held the rank of 1st Kyu for 6 months (no minimum age)
    • 2nd Dan Held the rank of 1st Dan for 2 years and is at least 16 years old.
    • 3rd Dan Held the rank of 2nd Dan for 3 years and is at least 21 years old.
  • Examined at Dan Grading covering the SWA Dan Grade Syllabus

Criteria for Senior Grade Promotions (4th Dan +)

  • Up-to-date Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association Licence
  • Regularly Training and/or Teaching
  • Contributing to the running or development of Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association
  • Held previous grade for the required length of time (4 years for 4th Dan, 5 years for 5th Dan etc).
  • Note of interest in progression submitted to the Dan Grade Secretary in January of given year.
  • Assessments by the Technical Panel conducted at SWA Senior Grade courses and technical assessments.
  • Thorough Knowledge of Wado Kai Syllabus
    • Basics and Combinations as per current Dan Grade Syllabus
    • 1-5 Pinan Katas
    • 1-10 Senior Kata
    • 1-8 Ohyo Kumite
    • 1-10 Kihon Kumite

Dan Grading Results and Senior Grade Promotions